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How Patrick got into Sub-prime Lending
One of my friends at CTI is in the process of turning their life around. They have a bunch of credit debt, a good job at CTI, and more importantly they have a dream of where they want to be. Because of this (and my very personal hate of the corporate rape that credit debt is), I was willing to consolidate all of their credit debt into a single loan. They are now working on re-financing their car.

I am now working with another employee's S.O., but they have a non-trivial amount of credit debt. I'm going to structure an exponential series of loans; For each of my loans they repay in full, the next loan will be for twice the previous amount. My initial risk is then small, and they are still better off. It is my hope these loans will prove to be the carrick bitts with which they determinedly windlass their life.