Alan Greenspan's speeches prove to be quite accessible when he's not reading them. ;) Plus, they're a great way to see what's noodling around in his head (like baby boomers retiring in 2010 and what that'll do to our need for immigration).

My multiple Christmas' went well enough, and it was good to get together with everyone and to look to the future. Tom will finish up at RPI this spring, and we'll see where he lands after that, especially with regards to Tad and Lori. Time will tell....

I also dropped some hints on my dad that he should head back to college for some finance classes (like financial statement analysis). Mike agreed wholeheartedly, and hopefully between the two of us, we can get him back in school.

Me, I'm sick of driving, I need some new music, and someday I'm going to take two full weeks of vacation to go swim in the sun.