I've been meandering through Ben Franklin's autobiography, which has been a pleasure to read. Although he's writing in 18th century English, his humor is accessible (although horribly fuddy-duddy ;). It appears that he was increasingly interested in efficiency, so he dabbled in vegetarianism (maybe more, i'm still reading); after a couple mis-starts, he started saving as much of his income as he could; and he created his time management system.

Pondering efficiency, I realized just how much inefficiency is incurred by forgetting things. I forget some things I'd rather have not, and I remember some things that I would love to delete. Right now, it appears to me that whatever process(es) govern the matriculation of short term memories into long term memories, these process(es) could withstand some improvement. Time for some researching.

Last night, Kevin and I consolidated two cisco 7505s into one router. The bad thing was that I forgot that when I shift to aaa new-model on a cisco and simultaneously use RADIUS for AAA, I have to explicitly not use RADIUS for my PPP encapsulated serial lines. The upshot of this was I spent 3 hours on the phone with AT&T trying to figure out why PPP wouldn't get past the IPCP stage of negotiating MTU. I'd get AckSent Timeouts. Chances are that if I'd turned on debugging for ppp authentication, it would have been more obvious what the problem was.

I'm just torqued because I ran into this same problem a year ago when I setup another of our routers with RADIUS auth and was trying to bring up a PPP serial link (luckily it was the first one on the router).