"Operation Ivy" was named after the series of nuclear tests that included the first hydrogen bomb. Back in the beginning of November 2002, "Ivy Mike" (the first hydrogen bomb detonated) turned 50 years old (just a cantankerous old memory), and "Operation Ivy" had been long broken up by then. I guess they were victims of 90's prosperity.

It seems that we've just traded in our fears of living in a nuclear winter for fears of living through the aftermath of a biological war. The good thing about this, is that maybe it means we'll see more angry upset youth music, as our new upgraded fears sink in.

But, if you're interested in our old fears, here's a good introduction and description of hydrogen bomb plans.

Speaking of bombs, yesterday I went out with this girl who works in the same building as me. We went out and got Thai for lunch, where we talked around for a while trying to find some common ground. Turns out that she's a graphic artist who's into video games, graphic novels, japanimation, art films, martial arts, skateboarding, punk rock, and metal, amongst other things. Sounds like as near a perfect match for Patrick as possible, right? (well, with the exception of graphic novels and video games). So, I dropped by her cubicle today to see if she'd be interested in getting sushi sometime, and I got the "I'll shoot you an email." line. Sigh.

I figure this is due to the fact that my complexion has absolutely detonated recently. So, since that's three bombs in one day, I guess it's Time to go see a dermatologist.