Saturday morning, Brady, Doug, and I all took our FCC Technician (ham radio) exams. Brady and Doug are going to try to set up a packet radio connection, so they had a valid reason for taking the exam. I really just wanted to test my memory. After the last couple memory-related debacles, I thought a couple tests would be in order.

The format of the exam is multiple choice, and there is a known pool of questions from which they create your exam. This lends itself to brute-forcing the exam by memorization. I read the corpus of questions Friday night and then used the practice exams to test. Saturday morning, I took the exam and got a 94% (2 questions wrong). I need to construct a different memory test, like one that would test my memory of related data, as that was my most recent problem.

The problem with testing relatedness memory is that the test has to have a list of valid memories, and memories that are similar, which has a solipsistic weak point. I'll have to use an external memory to create the test (i hope this journal will suffice). So, while my journal event log increases, I will pick out a memory "at random" and try to remember analogous situations. Perhaps that will help.