It looks like the FCC posted my amateur radio license yesterday. My call sign is KB3IZH, w00. Next exam is on the 15th of March, wonder if I can get Morse-enabled by then. In other great and exciting news of 1994, Alan Cox wrote a Morse code educational tool. There's also a bunch of other Morse code tools available at sunsite/ibiblio.

School started back up again, the one class I had today was ACCT 501, which is financial statement analysis. Basically, you get to learn how to use the financial statements prepared by publicly traded companies (like those listed on to compare companies. In the summer, there'll be another version of this class (ACCT 597), which will be pure analysis. Looks like I'll be taking that class, too.

And on the bad news side of the day, I experienced another memory fault. Sprint managed to blow up their ATM fabric (which connects a whole passel of their network elements, including their RedBack to our 7505 for our DSL customers). They were down from 3:30 am to 11am. We were down additionally from 11am to 2:30pm, as I went through a bunch of debugging trying to figure out why the L2TP manager daemon was spinning (eating all spare cpu), but not connecting to Sprint's RedBack. At 2:30, I rebooted the 7505, that fixed it. I presume there's a cisco IOS bug related to ATM network failure and rebuilding the L2TP tunnel on the following IOS:

IOS (tm) RSP Software (RSP-ISV-M), Version 12.2(4)T3, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc3)

This irritated me as there was a similar incident 4 months ago, related to ATM network failure recovery, and needing to reboot the cisco to fix it (same IOS as above). Basically, I'm hoping that revisiting what I've done during the day will help my memory in the future.