I spent yesterday puking and pooping. It's been a long time since I've experienced that. The good thing was that I dreamt after I had exhausted my body's ability to eject unwanted substances.

In my dream, I was watching two Coast Guard rescue pilots fly a Cessna through a storm, searching for a troubled ship. The water had a weird electric sheen to it, as it boiled beneath them. They were craning their necks, searching for the ship, when a huge spout of water erupted in front of them, hitting the plane. As the water cleared away, a ship lay directly in front of them. An old cutter, like the ships that could make Britain to Australia in 100+ days. As they flew in closer, there were bodies, parts, pieces lashed to every piece of wood on the deck. They crashed into the water.

As they abandoned the plane, a HUGE pirate with an axe dove off the ship towards them. At this point, I became one of the pilots. We started swimming away from the pirate. The other pilot was a slower swimmer than I, and the pirate soon caught up to him. He turned, and the pirate through the axe at him. Missing, the pilot grabbed the axe and buried it into the neck of the pirate. The pirate sank beneath the waves, and as he did he grabbed onto the pilot's leg and dragged him down into the sea. I swam.

The pirate resurfaced, without a neck wound, and axe in hand. I swam even harder. The water was cold, and I was tiring. I knew that I would only survive in the open water for another 15minutes before hypothermia quickly overcame me and I drowned. What would be the point of me trying to fight the pirate? He was gaining on me. I stopped and turned. This is stupid, even though he's got a hundred+ pounds on me, he hasn't had the martial arts training I've had, and he's certainly not as smart as I am. Something flew by my head, oh yeah ... the axe.

I grabbed the axe. He swam close, and I buried the axe in his neck, I started hyperventilating, he sank, and grabbed my leg, I took one last huge gulp of air, and swung the axe again, almost severing his head. Sinking underwater, I swung again and severed his head. He still had a hold of me, and we sank. I swung again, and lopped off his arm. I kicked and tried to get free, failing that, I lopped off his other arm, and he sank away. I swam for the surface, chest burning. I exploded out of the sea.