The DC trip to see the Trompe l'Oeil exhibit went exceedingly well. The recommended Dim Sum restaurant met all expectations, above average quality and cheap prices ($2-$3 per dish). If you like dim sum or want to try it out, I can only recommend:
Good Fortune
2646 University Blvd W
Wheaton , MD 20902
Phone: (301) 929-8818 
The Trompe l'Oeil exhibit was a bit crowded as there apparently was a PBS special on it three weeks ago. The exhibit did go to great length to entertain, as the exhibit had benches made that had open books of the exhibit built into the wood bench (so you sit down and go "book?", and try to pick it up, but it's completely not a book, and completely attached to the bench), they also had very life-like mannequins set up to blend into the crowd. One of the great pieces they had was Wendell Castle's "Ghost Clock". All in all, it was good.

Talking to people, if we try to do another one of these, we should plan out a little more of the day, i.e. have the main attractions planned, and also a bunch of little attractions that we can go to in the evening or after the main event. We shall try. ;)

On, they have an odd naming scheme for indices like the Wilshire 5000. Twenty years of data should be good to test Buffett's hypothesis that the Wilshire 5000 is fairly valued at 80% of GDP.

YearWilshire 5KGDP%
19831453 3378.5 43
19841723 3813.4 45
19851702 4109.7 41
19862164 4375.3 49
19872434 4612.3 52
19882417 4957.0 48
19892738 5379.0 47
19903419 5720.8 59
19913101 5886.3 52
19924041 6183.6 65
19934289 6521.6 65
19944657 6887.8 67
19954540 7297.5 62
19966057 7629.6 79
19977198 8124.2 88
19989298 8627.8 107
199911317 9092.7 124
200013812 9649.5 143
200112175 10028.1 121
200210707 10313.1 103
20038343 10800(est.)77

Not good. More stats work indicated, possibly more data required. Also, I need to understand why 80%, as this doesn't seem to indicate that.

"War is an extended form of aristocratic sport." - Michael Dirda on Richard Cobden's anti-war sentiments.

Somethings just jump right out at you. Cobden's criticism shows the degree of absolute power enjoyed by the Victorian ruling class in England. Happily, our government must maintain the mandate of the people; and currently there is plenty of media talk covering the American erosion of support for Bush's War.

If Bush doesn't get to "roll" into Iraq this winter, and he loses the presidential election, what are the odds of US going to war in Iraq?