I had my first visit with my dermatologist yesterday. He took me off minocycline (which worked well at 2x normal dosage but is really bad for your liver and kidneys), and put me on doxycycline and using cetaphil as a cleanser and adapalene and clindamycin-benzoyl peroxide gel as topicals. I need to photojournal this voyage in hope of dermatological salvation.

The worst thing is that if the above doesn't work, there's Accutane, which is a proven teratogen. Not only that, people on it are subject to mood swings, depression, and suicidal ideation. All to get rid of some zits.

While on the road trip to DC, Eric mentioned another good blog on the Net, I traded back Geoff's blog, which is not like mine (it's good). It's always good to see people curious about economics and the world around them, that's why it was fun to spend a road trip talking over life in general.

So, at school today, there was a new MBA gettogether, and I asked around for a student investment club. Dr. Brown, who runs the MBA program hadn't heard of one, but recommended that I speak with Dr. Vora. Perhaps a macroecon/financial statement analysis club will be in the offing. God bless road trips, they give you time to talk and think about what others have done.