For some reason, this server is stuck on GMT time, and doesn't actually know the real local time. Fixed.

Cindy Rowe Autoglass kicks butt. I went to CRA today to get my windshield fairing tightened up. Over time it had loosened up and would resonate at around 60 mph. I dropped by CRA and they fixed it in 15 minutes, and didn't even ask for payment (I had never been there before). That blew me away so much, I was out in my car before I thought that I should have tipped the guy. Then I felt stupid for the next 20 minutes as I realized that I wasn't thinking fast enough to avoid feeling dumb, viz. I was out in my car before I had even processed what had just happened (and I'm not that fast).

Last night I dreamt Andy, Rob, and I were sitting outside my old house in VT, and somebody was peeling out in a particularly fast looking car, going the wrong way on our one-way street. I just shook my head. Rob and Andy were making fun of them. All of a sudden, there's more peeling out sounds, I look up, and it's my volvo. I run after my car, and yank the kid out of the drivers seat, and severely bitch him out.

Of course, just last night, I was talking with Kevin, Brady, and Ian about anger, and I was emphasizing how important it is to not lose your cool (I don't think any of them have seen me angry, and I've known Kevin for 4+ years).

Last Sunday, Rob (Andy's bro) asked me why I don't drink anymore. I think the best answer I have is that I don't have any more reasons to. One gets older and the anger and frustration of one's youth don't sound true anymore, they diminish and eventually grow mute.

I also started examining the various things that I do, and seeing if they have any merit, after I read Our band could your life's section on Ian MacKaye. Alcohol is just a bunch of toxic empty calories; I don't need that.

The funny thing was that the day before, Eric and I were talking about this. ;)

On the drive in to work today, I passed by a bunch of anti-war protesters outside of the US Army War College. It was raining, cold, and I'm sure most people driving by weren't too appreciative, so I clapped, smiled, and gave a thumbs up. Even if I agree or disagree with them, I just have to applaud their motivation to exercise their 1st Amendment rights.

I'd really like to have a local paper that argued current policies, and argued them well. To guarantee freshness, I'd insist on correct grammar and orthography, and all statistics must be cited (you couldn't say "most Americans today" without backing it up). That'd be cool. But it would most likely push something vital off my schedule. Sigh.

In my Business 501 class, the prof (Dr. Murti) is Indian, and he just plain rules. He was talking about how he doesn't require anyone to attend classes. Everyone's like "Really?", and he says, "Hey, it's a free country."

In other astonishing news, one can renew their PA vehicle registration online nowadays. It's very pleasing to see a large state like PA take advantage of e-services.

And on a perl note, I added some basic search capability to this journal. The cool thing is that you can give it a regexp qr!\bperl\b!io and it'll be happy. It took me a while to realize how to simply allow users to pass the cgimosx options, so I documented it.

Time to plan the trip to Philly:

  1. food - CheeseSteaks!!!
    Corner Henry Ave. at Wendover St.
    Philadelphia, PA  (Roxborough)
    (215) 482-5407
    Wecceccoe & Snyder (South Philly)
    Philadelphia, PA
    (215) 463-1951
    100 North York Road
    Hatboro, PA 
    (North of Philly)
    (215) 674-8843
  2. museums -
    Rodin Museum
    Benjamin Franklin Parkway at 22nd Street
    Price: $3 doughnation
    Philadelphia Museum of Art
    Art Museum Dr
    Phone: (215) 763-8100
    Price: $10; students/seniors $7 
  3. dinner -
    sang kee - chinese
    238 north ninth street
    cedar's - lebanese
    616 South 2nd Street
    or we can be lazy ;)
  4. fun? - the mütter museum. ;)
  5. evening? -
Also, keep in mind that the Constitution Center opens on July 4th, 2003.