Realizing that you just made one of the classic project management blunders is never fun. I've been working with a company that has a T1 from us, and is having NAT issues on the router. Originally, this project had been handled by another admin here at CTI, but I took over the project (I think it's because that admin was out one day, and they called in having problems). Basically, some changes were made by the other admin, and the effects of those changes were not felt until a month later, when I was working on the issue. If there had been a continuity of admins on this project, it would have absolutely been resolved much earlier. As Frederick P. Brooks would say, adding more engineers to a current project doesn't speed the project up, but rather, it just delays the project's completion.

It looks like Dr. Vora is willing to help set up an investment club at Penn State Harrisburg. I'd really like this to be a chance for MBA students to apply theory (financial statement analysis, portfolio theory, macroeconomics) for fun and profit. It'll be interesting to see how many people are interested in dorking around with this stuff, as it can be viewed as extremely tedious analysis.