It's Valentine's Day, and last night I ascertained that all the girls in my MBA classes, in whom I would be interested, are married.

After last class, a review of significant digits was in order.

In the past, when I've converted my TeX files from PostScript output to Portable Document Format using ps2pdf, the font rendering in the PDF looked like garbage. This finally bubbled up to the front of the 'must research' queue, and the answer is to use pdftex (part of teTeX).

Today was a much better organizational day than yesterday. Brady made the point that we should have a management issue escalation mechanism. Basically, we have a communication problem in identifying the severity of an issue for people (what you may think is issue-ful, I may think is a non-issue). To deal with this we set up a quick protocol, if you see an issue, send an email to the management layer above you with:

  1. description of the issue
  2. date you need issue resolved by
  3. date you need a progress report from the immediate management layer
If the progress report date is missed, call a meeting with the manager and another manager to ascertain what happened. If the resolution date is missed, call a meeting with the manager and the manager's manager to ascertain why the date was missed.

I'm feeling kinda sick, so I'm happy it's Friday. I can take some vitamins, drink a bunch of water, and sleep in.