Polanica is in southwestern Poland. At some point in my life, I need to go back there again, because it's pretty cool and I have friends there.

ANA has an ad in The World in 2003 by the Economist, in which they have written おもてなし. I got really excited because I could read the word attentive in Japanese (which is romanized as omotenashi; it's weird to me that it's not kanji). How do you say dork in Japanese?

Hopefully, you saw some Japanese characters in the preceding paragraph. If you didn't, then your browser doesn't support Unicode. I used Alan Wood's excellent Unicode site to find the hiragana to Unicode mappings.

I'm studying for my first exam in Business 501. The test will be openbook and it should be a no-brainer. As I've had this material before (and forgotten a bunch of it, sigh), I'm trying a new approach to studying. I'm reading the chapters, absorbing the material, and then writing my own explanatory notes that try to show the inter-relatedness of the material. This takes a whole bunch of time, and makes me realize just how badly some textbooks can be written (for people like me).