Yesterday started off fine, but I didn't feel like doing a dang thing all day. I basically spent the day reading Vonnegut's Player Piano and Jim Lovell's Lost Moon. 30 pages into Player Piano, I realized that I had already read it, which didn't help my mood. It's a vastly different book now, but I still can't help waiting for the author to catch up with the story. Lost Moon has a bunch of suboptimal narrative, but there's enough geeky fervor to carry the book.

Today I woke up in much the same funk, I read the WSJ without really reading it, and laid around in bed until 8am. Driving to work, I didn't even want to listen to NPR, I just turned up LedZep III and threw myself into work. Luckily, an interesting problem came up immediately, and as we worked on that, my funk evaporated. Nothing like interesting problems to cure stupid blues.