It's Ash Wednesday; my hopes of finding some paczki died this morning. Perhaps next year, then.

Although I couldn't get any paczki, I did manage to score some KI pills at school today. All these pills do is saturate my thyroid glands with a stable isotope of iodine, so my body discards any nuclear fallout provided iodine. But, if I'm close (highly dependent on wind conditions) to TMI when it melts its core again, I'll have other things to worry about. (although TMI to Chernobyl comparisons are difficult due to their radically different construction, think of Chernobyl as a really bad worst case scenario)

Total dose (from
<25 rads No observable effects in humans.
> 300 rads Hair falls out.
> 700 rads Usually fatal.
> 1000 radsAlmost always fatal.

I had my Financial Statement Analysis exam today. Some kids made it out of there in an hour and a half. Not me, I had to take the full 2.75 hours, and even then I was cutting it close, as I finished in the last 5 minutes. I was reviewing my answers as I was going along, but I still would have liked to have double-checked my answers. The good thing is that it's accounting which has its own internal check system; and everything balanced.