Recently, my left eyelid has been displaying a nervous tic. This is, I think, undoubtedly stress-related, so today, I sat around my house, read, did my taxes, and generally tried to relax.

Thinking about the next field trip to Baltimore, LP Steamers seems to be the best crab joint where you can eat for under $20. But before we get to that, we'll be hitting the Baltimore Museum of Art or maybe the new (heavily advertised) shark exhibit at the Aquarium. Unfortunately, I don't have a good breakfast/brunch idea lined up yet. But, I'm sure that our Baltimore contacts will come through.

The PSU finance geeks club has been allocated $50 for an initial meeting of the minds. My worst fear is that no one will be willing to talk about investing, so I'm stocking up on a bunch of questions that are hopefully general interest.

  1. There are various investing styles (fundamental, technical, value, etc.); how would one characterize one's style?
  2. Psychology of investing. I've noticed that at times I have to really concentrate on distancing myself and creating an objective mindset. I literally have to take a day off and obsess about something else. What do others do?
  3. In this group, would we be interested in pooling investment research?
  4. A large factor in investing is knowing about investment vehicles and happily, the number of vehicles has expanded rapidly recently. Would we be interested in giving a short overview talk on a vehicle each week until we've covered every type of vehicle we collectively know?
  5. Would we be interested in mapping out investment strategies to take advantage of opportunities?
  6. Would we be interested in hearing me not say "would we be interested" anymore?