A friend of mine, Rich, just had a vivid dream of planes crashing. Ending his recounting, he dismisses the crashes as being caused by a large storm. Hurricane Al Qaeda, I think to myself.

Al Qaeda's Training Manual has a bunch of interesting examples regarding subversion, followed by many boring pages of procedural information. In this it reads alot like the old Testament (and perhaps like the Koran), which I think follows in-line with their concern for countries in a state of apostasy. The training manual rages primarily against secular governments of states which have Moslem majorities. After reading it, my impression is that Al Qaeda wants us out of the Middle East, as we're propping up "bad" rulers ( for them, bad = secular; for me, bad = abusive).

Given that we have people patrolling bridges and waterways around cities nowadays, I believe that this manual has been widely read. Hopefully, this will also be a factor in how we shape a post-Saddam Iraq.

Recently, people have been pushing for a divided Palestine and Israel. Two countries separated by walls, faith, and razorwire. After reading the Pentagon Papers' summaries, and reflecting on failed separatist movements (North & South Korea, Pakistan & India, Ireland, etc.), I think that this would be a mistake. We'll just be drawing lines in the sand that will fuel future inequality, anger, and war.

And on the stupid American front, my stats book has a problem that refers to the taste tests Burger King did before they rolled out their (not so) new french fries. All I can think about now is those damn fries, and how much I loved them.