Rich Knepper, I, and two flappers were driving to Lewistown. As we pulled into Lewistown, huge WPA-constructed edifices appeared on the left. They were empty, but had a very familiar feel to them, like old well-worn schools. We drove past slowly, and a vast black lake appeared. On its edge was a large peninsular parking lot, with a mess of high school kids on it. We parked, and everyone had to go to the bathroom. The odd thing was that the line for girls was 3 people long, and the line for the guys was 50 long. Rich got into the girls line with the flappers, and I decided I didn't have to go that badly.

Rich emerges from the bathroom, locks the door from the inside and closes it before the blonde flapper can react. She asks him why he did that, and he says "Watch the magic begin." and disappears. The bathroom door then slowly opens, and we spy Rich's hand snaking back into the toilet (it was a portalet, with service access from beneath).

The blonde flapper and I wandered over to the edge of the beautiful black water, and watched the wind ripple oddly. There was an unmarked door that looked like it belonged to a restaurant. Entering, we were greeted with a lush dark green velvet interior that had two contrasts, the chairs and tables had exposed light stained wood, and there were large picture windows facing the lake. I sat down, it was so striking. The flapper appeared and said that the waiter she found could speak German, he nodded his head, and I said, "Wirklich, Sie können Deutsch?" He just stared blankly. I stared back until he left. She joined me and we sat watching the lake.