After banging my head against linux sound support on an IBM 390E (esssolo1 module or soundcore module or /usr/bin/esd will play sounds at a slower speed after an APM suspend), I needed to relax. Nothing like good humor to re-energize.

I gave up on the native kernel support in 2.4.20 for the ESS Solo1, and tried the ALSA drivers. Same problem with MP3s, but not with Sparc Audio. I'm such a multimedia ignoramus, Hopefully more on this tomorrow.

Later on in life, I want to convert a hallway in my house. I want to have a hallway that's about 20 feet long and 8 feet wide. It'll be painted white, with no other adornments except diffuse indirect white light. Each end of the hallway will have a door that opens into the hallway. The floor of the hallway will be a 6 foot deep pool of water. The pool will be painted black. Running the entire length of the hallway will be a 6 inch wide support that'll be painted the same color as the rest of the pool. The support will be submerged 1/4 of one inch.