Saw House of a 1000 Corpses, which was a 90-minute video, which meant that it sucked plot-wise, but was fun to watch. The best part was leaving the viewing and seeing a bunch of coffin babes, it was just like college.

Actually, the best part of the film was the dream I had. I was filming a porn video of Tim Harrington and a very leggy black-haired chick, who I could have sworn was in the crowd of goth chicks I saw earlier. Lots of sordid things occur, and then she wants to spend some time performing oral sex on Tim, but Tim just wants to spray-paint her face. They're just whimsically arguing over this, and Tim ends it by coming too quickly (in her vocal opinion). As Tim was standing over her, he bolts, she chases after him, and Tim's just screwing around, so he's running like a retard in big circles around the house. End of dream.

Or so I thought. In my second dream, I asked Andy about Tim, and how he met the girl. Andy had the info, but in non-real-life-Andy fashion, told me about that Tim had sold out and was chasing an executive career at Megacorp. He had met the girl while in college, as part of a fairly psychotic plan of his and several friends. Basically, the idea was to pick someone you liked out of a crowd, and to try to pick them up by talking about Scrabble. This girl was the result of that plan. Andy then said that, yeah, Tim was smart, but he wasn't the most intelligent of the two.

I got poked into thinking about sex and violence in '1000 Corpses' (by Geoff), and tried to find some possibly redemptive spin to put on it. The best I could come up with was that movie used a bunch of liminal and otherwise "Alice in Wonderland" imagery to depict being transported to a society that indifferently mixes sex and violence, so much that it accepts sexual violence as a norm. So the funny part is that we think the family of psychopaths is deranged, but guess what? We're living in the same society. Children are traumatized when they see parents having sex because they can't see the difference between the passions of sex and the passions of abuse. We grow up and have sex, but not all of our sex is like the pictures in the Joy of Sex. Why? And where else do we find the idea of socially accepted sexual violence (with full participation), except in Andrea Dworkin's Patriarchy is Rape?

"it is not a disease that is in any way related to being Asian" -- the CDC on SARS. Those CDC people sure are thorough (or at least very cognizant of the range of its audience).

Since I like Diet Code Red so dang much, I decided to do some reading about aspartame (the sweetener in DCR). The FDA calls it the most examined food additive ever. Meanwhile, saccharine has been accused of causing cancer in the bladders of lab rats if they drank the rat-equivalent of 800 diet sodas for a human. So Congress declared a moratorium on the prohibition of saccharine, but declared that all products with saccharine be labelled as such.

In 2000, High Fructose Syrup was around $230 per metric tonne, which is approximately what aspartame costs. So much for diet sodas costing less cause they don't have high fructose corn syrup. ;)