I just turned in my financial statement analysis project. That class has been a major eye opener when it comes to investing. The good thing is that I'll be taking the follow-on class this summer.

Over the weekend, I flew out to Indiana, to visit Rich and Ula. I always enjoy the little vacations I get to take to see Rich; this time, we went to an ognieczka (bonfire) Saturday night, where we roasted kielbasa, slurped down bigos, and told horribly embarassing stories. While there, I met a student who'll be working in Mainz, DE this summer, so we got a chance to practice our German for half an hour. Recently, NPR had a clip of some lady speaking Northern German, and I felt a great desire to speak German again (one of those heart-wrenching, ego-deflating urges that make you forget you're driving). Thanks again, guys.

I just finished Influence by Robert Cialdini, which discusses some basic psychological biases us humans have, and how marketers take advantage of them. Basically, it's pop-psychology at its best, as it's super-informative for those who haven't taken an applied psychology class.

On a sad note, grab.com hasn't replied to my email and posted requests. They probably sold the data to some marketing firm. Bastards.