On the way to work, I passed a dead doe on Post RD. She was lying on the side of the road with her hips disjoint and legs pointing the wrong way. The section of Post RD she was on has a 8' fence on each side. I guess she wandered in and got confused by the fence, the strange feeling earth, and when she turned around, there was a fence behind her. Scared, confused, and alone, she suffered a brutal undeserved death.

On Trindle RD, some farmer has a bunch of domesticated ducks and geese. They will occasionally try to cross the road for some reason (haha). They're not fast, and they have a hard time gauging the speed of oncoming vehicles. Maybe that farmer thinks that Frogger is atari-cool.

I know that these animals aren't the sharpest points on the evolutionary chainsaw, but for some reason today, I saw that I might have even worse odds of being killed by my confusion, or by my goal-oriented tunnel-vision.