Up way late last night talking with Arjun, Dia (Arjun's cousin), Kevin, and Scott, this was after 3 games of bowling and a little free frisbee action in the parking lot of ABC East. Arjun's got a bunch of work again, so he's back off to NYC, and Dia's back off to F&M, so Harrisburg just got a little dimmer.

One of the unintended side effects of hanging out last night was that I didn't contribute too much to breakfast this morning. We got along well, ate food, relaxed, and then I went home and slept. Another unintended consequence was my dream this morning. I was watching a South Park artist decide between killing Kyle off, or putting a smudge on the upper left hand corner of his forehead. The artist chose the smudge, and Kyle ran off the page. From offstage, Kyle gave a soliloquy on this mark of Cain, after which he came back onscreen and said that portions of this were borrowed from the film A Bunch of Peas. Happily, the dream continued on by playing that film. In A Bunch of Peas, Arnold Schwarzenegger is fighting against humans that have the power to replay sequences of motions at arbitrary times (they can walk into a room, sit down, and then instantaneously walk into the room and sit down again, so it's a restricted form of teleportation). The best scene is the last one where Arnold is firing at the last replay girl and she's blasted out of a window, and as she's falling to her death, Arnold steps to the window, watching her fall. She reappears directly in front of Arnold, and falling again, she fires and kills him. Good ending to a film that doesn't have much hope for whirled peas.