I just finished Managerial Accounting 540; I completed the paper, took the exam. The class was the best I've taken at PSU Harrisburg, but it was also my first class at the 540 level. Regardless, Prof. Buttross organized the content well, setting the minutiae of managerial accounting firmly in relation to the framework of the MBA program. As he was open-minded, I wrote him suggesting that his pacing of the classes was hurried, and this was most likely causing a lack of class participation. I then pointed him to MJD's Presentation Judo, as he's a japanophile and he might like the content. As for the text, Cost Management, I felt it fell short of making the improvements detailed in the Tulane Calculus Conference (granted, these are two different disciplines, but they both have math ;). For example, chapter 8 has a section on the assumptions of the Cost-Volume-Profit model, which combines a graphic, an equation, and descriptive text together to provide three pathways to understanding (although the equation is not the full equation for the displayed graphic). The rest of chapter 8 clearly lacks this coherent presentation.

The most intriguing idea from the class was the Balanced Scorecard, which is a method of synchronizing departments to overall business strategy. I'm currently examining it for possible application at CTI, but that's only if others think it's a good idea, too.