The American Visionary Arts Museum in Baltimore would be well worth your visit. Their current exhibition on addiction can be a bit didactic, but it has several works that definitely appealed to me (some shown below). The museum has a fun feel to it (sitting out back are 3 golf carts turned into a Macy's parade frog, elephant, and dog) and it doesn't hurt that Mark Ward, the assistant director, comped 3 tickets to some wandering Pennsylvanians.

William Allen

Eric White - The first pic isn't cut off.

Charles Benefiel

The Cone Collection at the Baltimore Museum of Art reinforced my idea that money allows people to do some seriously neat things. Buying lots of Matisses may or may not be seriously neat, but they did it and that's what counts. The one piece by Max Beckmann reminded me that there's an exhibit of his work someplace in NYC that I should check out.

And the food for the day started off well, with a surprisingly good lunch at Peters (Water & Grant Street, 410.539.5818), where the burgers were $7, but the drinks were unlimited (water, iced tea, lemonade, soda) and filled very promptly (better than Hoss's).

But, then we ate at LP Steamers, which had horrendous service, but the crabs were good. Just realize that crabs cost a bunch of money, and that you should review how to eat crabs.