I've been checking into the array of diet sodas available on the market. Diet Code Red, Diet Dr. Pepper, and Diet Sunkist take the top 3 places in my taste tests, with Diet Sunkist leading the pack as the taste of aspartame works best with citrus flavorings.

If you're looking for financial ratios for banks, they're available online from the FDIC. Should you want to compare the financial performance of your credit union to other banks, etc.

Libraries evoke a strong sense of belonging in me. Since getting into computer science, I've not had much need to use a library as very little CS material of use to me would be in a library. But now that I'm in an MBA program, I'm on campus every two days and I can just happily browse through the library. The principal product of this is I now have 6 books to read, in addition to schoolwork, and work. ;)

Also, the big difference between the libraries at New College and PSU Harrisburg is that I can read magazines like the Tax Adviser and the Financial Analysts Journal at PSU Harrisburg.