Arjun invited me over to a gettogether at his house, where I got to chow some amazing food courtesy of his mom, and where I got to meet some pretty cool people who don't live in the area. Much thanks for the fun.

After feasting on grilled tandoori chicken, turkey kebabs, crazy fish, and other goodies, we did the only thing we can do on Saturday night. We went bowling. Happily enough, I bowled a 213. Witnesses were Arjun and two MIT computer science grads from the party, Jason and Deb. Jason's an IP lawyer, and Deb's a technology specialist (patents), which was unexpected (given their undergrad majors). Jason appeared to be near the nesting stage in life, he was interested in whether born-in-small-town-USA people could live in a major metropolis and then leave big-city life. I should have asked him what he missed about life where he grew up.