Settling into the new house, what's the first thing we do? Play ping-pong. What's the second? Set up the cable modem and wireless access. ;)

Our neighbor across the street is Mike; now we just need to meet the girl to the west. Wonder if I can raise enough interest in a house-warming party.

Surely you must be joking, Mr. Feynman is surprisingly overboard. Mr. Feynman, aside from cooking up geek food for thought, also spent an inordinate amount of time in bars and strip clubs. His section on dealing with barfly chicks sounds like he would have gotten along fine with Iceberg Slim. This just serves as a spice for his stories, which are all based on his constant inquisitiveness. Mr. Feynman would chalk all of his success to his drive to understand why and how, regardless of time, and regardless of opposition.