I've never really thought of myself as sentimental. But, when I move, I keep more stuff that just has no value other than to remind me of the past. My inner dialogue on this was won by the "you're in denial" argument. Kevin had suggested photographing the stuff I wanted to keep, and my first reaction was that a photograph just wouldn't cut it.

All of this, of course, could be solved if I had a family museum. If something was of no use, but I still wanted to keep it, I could just extend a collection, or perhaps just open a new wing.

The girl to the east of us is Megan. The next book for book club is Emily Dickinson's poems. I asked the book club to read a bunch of them, and then pick the best three, and the worst three.

Saw Freddy Vs. Jason; Virginal bustiness overcame the patriarchy, again. That's a good description, but it's not complete, as it would then follow that Legally Blonde II was a horror film. Oh wait....