Let's talk about some good and some bad, as they seemed to have ganged up recently.

Le BienLe Mal
Going back to VT to see my step-brother, Tom, get married to Amy, a girl I've known since I was a toddler. Reading Emily Dickinson on the flight back (poems from 1861-1862) after getting the "so ... when are you getting married?" treatment.
They had the cool idea of getting married on a boat. The ceremony was on the deck, where the wind swept away the minister's words.
Building couch-forts with my step-niece and step-nephew. Not getting to work on things I had planned (Don't plan on sleeping during vacations).
Watching a college girl speak clearly about several ideas, without any filler words ('umm', 'well', 'ok', etc.). Such diction slices easily through a crowd's garble. Only watching her, and not asking what/where she studies.