I recently got slapped with a $39 fee for not returning an inter-campus library loan book when it was recalled by another user (I didn't get the email, as PSU got black-listed spam-wise). One of the people in my classes is a reference librarian at PSU Harrisburg. They said that I could fill out a Circulation Fee Appeal Form. When I talked to the librarian after returning the books, she curtly said that I could do it, but I wouldn't be able to borrow new books until the appeal was heard, and that can take up to a month!

I had 16 books already checked out, so I had plenty to read. I filled the form out, and the next day, I got this email:

Mr. Haller,

Thank you for stopping by the library Wednesday evening.  Due to the 
circumstances surrounding your appeal, I cleared the $39 in recall fees on 
your account.

To avoid this situation, from occurring in the future, I recommend that you 
update your address with University Libraries at: 
http://www.libraries.psu.edu/tas/lending/  You can have library notices 
sent to your desired address, psu email, work email, personal email, or 
U.S. (postal mail).

Another way to check your PSU email is by directly going to: 
https://webmail.psu.edu/  It is not as convenient as forwarding email to 
one account, but it is easy to access Penn State email no matter where you 
are located.  You will still get spam mail, but you will also receive 
important messages from the University such as campus closings due to bad 

Again, thank you for visiting the library.  If you have any questions on 
this or any other matter, please feel free to contact me.  Have a good weekend.


Fay Youngmark

Thank you very much, Fay!