I always forget this:
        ELV     Exremely Low    dc - 3khz
        VLF     Very Low Freq   3khz - 30khz
        LF      Low Frequency   30khz - 300Khz
        MF      Medium          300Khz - 3Mhz
        HF      High            3mhz-30mhz
        VHF     Very High       30mhz-300mhz
        UHF     Ultra High      300-3Ghz
        SHF     Super High      3Ghz - 30 Ghz
        EHF     Extremely High  30Ghz - 300Ghz

Saw Panther had an auto-encrypting folder, which is pretty cool. OpenBSD has cryptdir, but it uses crypt, which means passing a password when logging in and logging out. I wanted it to use gpg, so I wrote lockdir (the correct solution is to extend cryptdir).