Last night, I procrastinated as I didn't feel like doing any work. Scott was watching MTV2, and Good Charlotte's "Hold On" was on. The primary message being that when depressed, one should get help, hold on, knowing that life will get better. The big problem I see is that when one's depressed, one can't see the good in life. There's no point. One might as well be on perma-hold.

If you're going to commit suicide, do it right. You don't want to end up being a depressed vegetable.

  1. You'll need:
    1. A phone
    2. Sleeping pills
    3. Big plastic trash bag
    4. Two hours alone and undisturbed
    5. Big red rubber band (like the ones they use for postal mail)
    6. A whole arm or at least a really flexible leg with attached foot or prosthesis
  2. Pick up the phone
  3. Call 1 800 784 2433, they'll just listen
  4. Explain why you're killing yourself
  5. Let them calm you down for the next part.
  6. Hang up
  7. Do not write a note, that's just vindictive and it wastes time (Grim resolve only lasts so long).
  8. Take the sleeping pills (recommended dosage + 1 pill for nerves)
  9. Lie down
  10. Put the plastic bag over your head
  11. Put the rubber band over the plastic around your neck
  12. Slide your hand between your neck and the plastic bag
  13. Hold the bag slightly open so you can breathe
  14. You'll fall asleep
  15. Your arm will relax, closing the bag
  16. You'll then asphyxiate slowly in your sleep
  17. Which means you'll at least look nice at your open-casket viewing.

"Many shall be restored that are now fallen, and many shall fall that are now in honor."
-- Horace

Driving back from VT, I spent an hour outside of Tremont, as 81 was merged from 2 lanes into 1. On the Sunday after Thanksgiving. There are many service provider lessons here. ;)

PennDoT has a basic map of outages.