Finished up my business plan for MGMT597 this morning, and had my last class tonight. One of the business proposals pitched tonight said that they did a survey of 20-35 year old females and found that, on average, they spent $290/month on clothes. I said I thought that was high, as $290/month is roughly $3600/year and there's about 25M people in the US that are female between 20 and 35. Extrapolating, that means that market segment spends 3600 * 25M = $90B/year. Given that, I said the survey might need some bias checking as people might be saying things to match either expectations or self-image. Nevertheless, several people in the class felt that $290/month was a good estimate.

According to, the total amount of clothing purchased in the US last year was $123B, $34B of which was in women's clothing stores.

Now I finally get to catch up on some reading. ;)