The people, who sponsor the business plan competition I'm entering, also publish a magazine. They had an interview with the guy who won the business plan competition last year. There are several problems with interviews:
  1. You're talking. You have to be well-practiced to be able to speak while being aware of exactly how snippets of your words may come across.
  2. Your words are being filtered by the interviewer, who's deciding what is or is not important.
  3. You may be surprised by a question.
These problems all stem from the interviewer's control of the gateway to the public. According to The Predator's Ball (page 149), Carl Icahn would only give interviews if he were allowed to review the quotes as they were going to be published. I'd acquiesce to the interview on two conditions: I get to ask the interviewer some questions first, and I get control of the final edit. If I fail to get final edit, I'd demand full quote review.