Saw 21 Grams. Everybody in the film needed Saving because of how God cast the world around them. In the end, everyone gets their death and their forgiveness, wrapping up leaky, messy lives with a cute ribbon, just as Ecclesiastes tidies up its doubt with a return to Faith. Although the images are mostly of crippled humans, the story-telling has the antiseptic feel of a kind but remote nurse, which I think is mostly the effect of its achronological nature. This just increases the cripple contrast for each character, showing pain next to a normal existence. That contrast may have also burned out my emotional sensitivity. I just ended up like some dispassionate God watching my children muck around. But, maybe they wanted this anti-God current.

Working with my cousin last night, editing her admission essay, reminded me of the depth of thought required to write kick-ass prose. Sometimes text just rolls lorem ipsum onto the page, but that's easy. Seeking to understand why it does or doesn't work is as big a timesink as Go (and just as fun ;).