Dreamed of a story of two teenage lovers last night. The story is from the perspective of the girl. Opening shot: We're flying (50-60 knots) south along the coast, and time is accelerated, so bright day fades slowly into red twilight into starry streaky night. Fade into eyes opening on a beach, watching the two catching each other's eyes for the first time. Cut to a long conversation over milkshakes and I mean long, this conversation lasts just a little two long, but their faces are ablaze with tense teenage love. Fade to a swaying shot of the boy buried face-up in the gentle surf, dead with the death face only cute kids can die with. Cut to the same scene with the girl lying face-up in the surf, eyes open and alive. Fade to a modern subway scene watching a 30-year-old lady watch the walls, time accelerates and she walks to and through her job, time slows occasionally to catch her expressions as she interacts with people (city alienation Hopper). Twilight comes and goes, she hits the the streets, ends up in a restaurant, catches the eye of someone, brief flash of dead boy in surf, she turns away.

At this point in my dream, she ends up talking with some old lady, who asks her, "Are you sure you want to do this?". Fade to an aerial shot descending to a graveyard in chaos, miraculously intact, beautiful, and clean, people are climbing from graves and running around frantically. The 30-year-old lady runs to a grave where the boy climbs out. Tears in her eyes, she talks with him.

I didn't like that ending. I'd much rather explore the idea of an anti-sex-in-the-city life.

Thursday's Wall Street Journal talked about used cars being exported from Japan,but the more interesting part was that there is a huge used car mart in Dubai (United Arab Emirates). Seems like every time I read about Dubai, it's the nexus of commerce in the Middle East; Indians, Russians, Africans, and everyone geometrically in between can be found in Dubai conducting business in mutual self-interest. At some point, I should visit Dubai in the winter.