Nate Walker sent me an email with a quote from Emile Cioran which referenced a quote by Paul Valery.

"Our disease being history's, the disease of history's eclipse, we must fall back on Valery's remark, must exacerbate its bearing: we know, now, that all civilization is mortal, that we are hurtling torward horizons of apoplexy, torward the miracles of the worst, torward the golden age of terror."

Nate's just playing with the "torward", but I was irked by Cioran's use of three examples to support his point. Examples always come in threes, I think, because it flows easily, even though it's predictable (boring). But, there's not much that attempts to explain or establish a rubric for the number of reduplications, that I can find. Worst case is that this means I won't be able to listen to any more techno. ;)