Today was an odd day. An old acquaintance was referenced in an email from a customer of CTI's, so I called him out of the blue to see what he was up to. Ross Bowman is still working for the state and living in Harrisburg over by the Midtown Cinema. The next time something worthwhile appears over there, I'll try to get some of the old group together for some fun.

As I phoning with Ross, Andy dropped a bowl of Nissin Premiere ramen from Japan on my desk. Rich Sleboda had brought it back with him, and handed it off to Andy. This ramen comes with wetpack (not dried) noodles, beef, flavoring liquid (???), and veggies; and drypack spices. Nissin ramen in Japan is nothing like Nissin US ramen, we definitely get the loser end of that deal. ;)

I also prepared a little for the psychological manipulation of my bus584 class. People's depersonalized title sheets are ready, and the schedule of manipulation is done. If I call it manipulation, it sounds bad, but why cover it up with euphemisms like 'change management' or 'collaboration'?