Dr. Jeff Tsai teaches Operations Management. His real name is Tsai Hui-Liang. He's published four books, the first of which was under the aegis of his graduate program mentor. This first book is a comparative analysis of monetary policy in several countries. The weird thing is that I mentioned the current brewings in US monetary policy re: Greenspan vs. Bernanke, but he didn't bat an eye. I guess monetary isn't interesting to him anymore.

After class, we talked a bit about pedagogy. He has a hard time getting kids interested in the material. It doesn't help that when students express math-anxiety, he urges students to challenge themselves. Next class, I'll ask him if he's ever listened to Feynman's lectures. Granted, it takes a great of intellectual dexterity to do what Feynman did, but it's a worthy goal.

We also talked about investing. He invests in high volatility mutual funds for the long haul. I talked about Philip Fisher's 'Developing an Investment Philosophy' to see if he's organized his thoughts around investing. Next week, I'll prod further into his investment strategy, asking lots of why questions.

I very much need to read some books on interviewing.