The Board Of Directors role-playing exercise had two big lessons.
  1. When people talk about economics, I expect them to make sense. Some poor kid got stuck with the role of an econ professor; they made some undefended anti-globalism statements, and I tore them to shreds. Needless to say, I didn't get their vote.
  2. Both CEOs were called out of the meetings and given news which would have negatively impacted the ability to come to a consensus. Neither of us revealed the information. I was too focused on just winning the short-term consensus, with no regard for the future. Just like a real CEO.

... here in NoVA land there is currently a massive radio ad campaign for a Rocky Mountain Radar radar-jamming product called the Phazer, which claims to jam police radar (legally, because it doesn't actually put out any RF, it is entirely passive) "or they'll pay for your ticket". When faced with such a deal, I have heard many people say "how could they possibly back it up that kind of a promise if it didn't work, they would be losing money left and right paying for people's tickets". Then I recall the quote from the inventor, "I could ship an empty black box with a weight in the bottom and only get 22-24 percent back."
-- Richard A. Steenbergen on NANOG today.