Keen Eddie delivers sexual tension. I'm not sure this is for the best.

The NY Times did an article on the Farewell Dossier and Gus Weiss. It's a slick counter-intelligence story at the core, if you ignore the politics riding on top.

(Thom's Rice Method) Rice is made by mixing 2 measures of water with one measure of rice. Since we use a pot (a cylinder) to cook rice, we can just pour the rice into the pot, making a cone until the rice finally meets the edge of the pot. We know that the volume of a cone with a circular base is 1/3 * h * pi * r^2, so we just fill the pot with water until it reaches the top of the rice cone.

While in Maine, we (Thom & Jen, Toby & Jocelyn, and I) took a walk through the Bates-Morse Mountain Conservation Area. After crossing the salt marshes, look to your right. There's an amazing oak tree on edge of the salt marsh. I'll see if I can get a photo of it.

The weekend was spent in idle repose, it's always fun to find hours of good conversation with people. Plus, getting to watch Micah explore the world around him was a hoot. ;)