I just won an auction for a Go set. I have a funny feeling my go skills will need much resurrecting. ;)

Ratey's A User's Guide to the Brain provides a basic overview of neurology and its impact on our lives. The book is best as a bridge between the biology of the brain and some of its properties that we're familiar with (memory, learning). His essential lesson is Use Your Brain! lest it atrophy.

Other than that, it does have some cool tidbits, like the lordosis response mentioned below, ampakines, and the Nuns of Mankato, and that babies develop procedural memory first, then semantic memory, and finally episodic memory. But, Pinker's How the Mind Works appears to be the better book (we'll see).

I wonder if part of yoga's popularity is due to spinal flexion. The more estrogen-rich a female is, the greater her lordosis response will be. This will stimulate her ventromedial hypothalamus (the part of her brain which processes sexual response). Wow.