I just received a subscription notice for the Economist from the Associated Publishers Subscription Services at some largely inflated prices. I guess enough people fall for this, it's economically feasible.

Partly due to chasing after a female and partly due to the 'active body/active mind' idea, I've been getting up at 7 and exercising (situps, pushups, jumping around). For food, I've been breakfasting and lunching on SlimFast, while dinners are pretty much still fast food. Although, after evening class and weekend lunches, I'll eat either shrimp or surimi. The goal is to get adequate nutrition and exercise with as few extra calories as possible.

Progressive insurance allows customers to quote new insurance online. I just used this to peek into the pricing of my insurance. Being a twit, I signed up a while ago with a human, and I had several items I didn't need on my insurance. My Volvo 740 is worth maybe $3k and if I blew it up, it wouldn't be a major financial loss to me. So, I dropped Comprehensive, Collision, Roadside Assistance (cleverly bundled with Collision), and Car Rental insurance. This left only Liability. I still have a bunch to read on that, as my net worth increases, my experienced liability will increase as lawyers will have more to go after.

The FCC has two servers named 'gullfoss' and 'hraunfoss'. 'foss' is icelandic for waterfall (according to this lexicon). Stumbling around the Net yielded the following hundred reasons to visit Iceland.