We'll be eating at Café on Market.

w00! I got my CD MAP Antitrust Litigation check in the mail. Now I'm $13.86 less poor than I was as a high-price CD buyer.

Allrighty. We'll be seeing 'The Passion' this Friday. I think it'll make for a very difficult date film. It'll be great. ;) It'll be good to talk and pull apart the film afterwards.

Also, I guess I was a bit quieter in my last BUS584 class, because since then, two people have talked to me about how they think it's fine that I talk a whole boatload in class. The thing is that I'm still a bit chary of what I'm saying. Simply because I know that it, more often than not, can be said far better, but I'm not quick enough to formulate the good phrasing while keeping up with the conversation. So people typically get the expectoral dreck my mind hawks up.