Legal argument of the week: Antigua's WTO case that the US blocks foreign access to its gamblers. Given that people can gamble in-person in the US, the exclusion of foreign competition via Internet gambling is an unfair trade practice. The beauty of this argument is that it neatly wedges states' rights and federal determination of foreign policy. The best way out is to challenge the notion of gambling as a service, which isn't an easy argument. This is going to get nasty.

Carrie was asked out by someone, and she turned them down. I thought about this for a while, and realized that I don't currently intend on marrying her. So, it would then be in her best interest to keep an open mind, i.e. date others. When I talked to her Thursday about this touchy subject, things shattered and now she needs some space. I'm not sure when I should try to contact her.

Last night, I rewrote a perl program written by one of the HPM users. Rewriting code while trying to think about simplicity of expression is a pretty good exercise; and not only for perl.