Devel::Profile rocks! I'm writing a netflow daemon in perl and it had been plagued with lots of cpu usage. The profiler revealed the following:
%Time    Sec.     #calls   sec/call  F  name
26.75    0.8202    12700   0.000065     :./
19.41    0.5950    11120   0.000054     Math::BigInt::numify
14.34    0.4398       20   0.021989  ?  main::process
 7.01    0.2148    11120   0.000019     Math::BigInt::Calc::_num
 3.29    0.1009      600   0.000168     Math::BigInt::bmul
 3.00    0.0920      640   0.000144     Math::BigInt::objectify
 2.86    0.0878     1207   0.000073     Math::BigInt::round
My program was overdosing on BigInt manipulations. Turns out that I hadn't ensured a small scope when I did "use Math::BigInt ':constant'".

We're trying Fuji-do tonight (it's located at 2800 Paxton; get off the 19th ST exit, Right then Left onto Paxton, go 0.7 Miles). We did Fuji-do (it's actually at the corner of Paxton and 17th), and the service was deplorable, but the food was great, and the haiku we wrote kicked ass (as starving as we were).
soft luscious noodles
glistening with labor's sweat
my belly just left
shadows on mountains
move with the white clouds above
dancing like puppets