Parents dropped by this evening, which means we rehashed investment ideas. Dad's interested in delinquent land taxes; on foreclosure, they subordinate all other debt, mortgages included. Hard thing apparently is coordinating the tax debt to the land.

Greenspan will retire in June 2005. Currently, Ben Bernanke looks primed to replace him; if Ben succeeds, then we'll probably get a chance to see what monetary policy looks like, given a targeted inflation rate.

As of midnight, we were doing 2.5M flows per hour. This is probably why most ISPs have per-POP netflow collectors.

Saw Hellboy; its anti-climactic ending needs some reworking. And Selma Blair needs to start more fires. Best part was probably right before the film, when Kevin and I were walking across the parking lot, skarfing down our Taco Bell, right when I remembered how good a warm burrito tastes when the chill winds are blowing.