OpenVPN looks like it has issues running in daemon mode (i.e. it crashes). It looks like people run it out of [x]inetd, but I'm now happily running it out of init.

Played Risk with a new crowd today, Spartacus from CommNav brought his friend from college, Brendan, and Brendan's fiance, Rebecca. We played with a handicap rule for beginners; they get to place two territories at a time until they take ceiling(territories/players) territories, then they start filling in pieces. This leaves them out of the last placements, so in the future, it might be better to have newbies skip placements after they have stop placing two at a time until everyone else catches up, then resume placing as normal. This can get them a continent pretty quickly.

Over dinner, conversation turned to the dreams that we have. Brendan has had some vivid imaginative dreams, which reminded me of Michel Gondry's importation of the Dream into our lives.