I searched all over Harrisburg to find Damn Right for Arjun's birthday (found out yesterday that today was his b-day), but I couldn't find a copy. So, I got him Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits, and Other Writings. The important part is the other writings, which were "Conservative Investors Sleep Well" and "Developing a Investing Philosophy". Unfortunately, the philosophy is part III, and uncommon profits are part I. Ideally (according to me, of course), the philosophy should be first (lay the groundwork for the subsequent analysis), and then have part II (conservative investors...) which is a better exposition of Fisher's analysis than 'Common Stocks...'.

Arjun's party was a blast, got to hang out with Deb, Jason and Shomita (all three are friends of his family), Dia (Arjun's sister), and a whole bunch of other family friends. I can only hope to be able to reduplicate the same good gatherings later in my life.